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Lucy ( Rudegirl )

 Lucy full name is Lucy Iheonyechoro
born on 26 May,
1994,in Sapele, Delta State, Nigeria and she is a native of Mbaise, Imo State is a Nigerian singer singed to Rudeboy recordz, among Muno.

Lucy Iheonyechoro
is the first female artiste signed to Rudeboy Recordz, a
highflying label owned by Paul Okoye, one half of the famous P-Square
twin brothers. Lucy believes that being an artiste under Rudeboy Recordz
is more than a dream come true, and is divine.

Lucy ( Rudegirl )  Biography

 Life and Background

Her native Igbo name,
Iheonyechoro, means ‘what you want is what you get,’ and she is
convinced that the power of the name is behind her current status,
having been a staunch P-Square fan from childhood. She is now living her

 Lucy can easily be described as a focused, ambitious and resilient lady,
who has continued to break barriers, despite just being 21-years of

Lucy was born and bred in Sapele, Delta State, Nigeria on 26 May,
1994, though her father is a native of Mbaise, Imo State, while her
mother is from Ishan, Edo State. Her father, a retired Chartered
Accountant, owned one of the biggest poultry farms in Sapele.

The last child from a family of six, Lucy was not over-pampered by her
parents; instead, she was taught the rudiments of hard work and how to
chase her beautiful dreams, little wonder she got an academic
scholarship while in Primary four. Lucy, who is currently a final year
Law student from the prestigious Coventry University in the United
Kingdom, started her academic journey in Nigeria at the Future
Generation Nursery and Primary School, Sapele.

While in Primary four,
the school gave her a scholarship all through her secondary school level
because she was considered too brilliant to be in that class.

The scholarship scheme took Lucy to Marist Comprehensive Academy, Uturu, Anambra State, a boarding school owned by the Catholic missionary. But as Lucy grows, her penchant for success and greater challenges was also growing. While in JSS2, she relocated to the UK to continue her education at the Eastlea Community School, East London and finished in 2010 before proceeding to Epping Forest College, Essex (UK).

Lucy actually wanted to study Forensic Science at the Coventry University (UK), but due to her inquisitive nature, her mother advised her to choose Law at the same institution. Meanwhile, irrespective of her academic prowess, Lucy has been doing music all her life. She became conscious of the unique talent at age four when she sang and won a singing competition at a birthday party. At age 16, 17 and 18 respectively, Lucy participated at the prestigious X-Factor (UK) competition, but didn’t win on her three attempts. She was also part of a cultural dance troupe and church choir, and her school’s drama group. Lucy’s dexterity and creativity prompted her to work with some of UK’s finest music icons like Moelogo and Dizzy VC.

Earlier, she delved into modelling and participated in the Miss East London beauty pageant in 2011 and won, a feat she described as one of her greatest achievements in life. Unarguably, life didn’t start on a bed of roses for Lucy, as she had to tirelessly work her way to the top.

Lucy Iheonyechoro Ugorji

Lucy and RudeBoy Recordz

From Mondays to Fridays, she would work as a Receptionist at The Doctors, a UK hospital, and then resumes for another Supermarket job on Saturdays and Sundays. Asked how she got signed to the soar-away Rudeboy Recordz? Lucy said she sent a video of herself singing to Paul Okoye, the head honcho of the label. Luckily for her, he was impressed with her singing prowess, and the rest today is history. As a matter of fact, Lucy jettisoned one of her classes in school to painstakingly record the video.

It is dreams come true for her. Lucy’s aspiration is to become the biggest female artiste from Africa. She wants to equal and if possible surpass the records of Beyonce and Rihanna. She is quite keen on being a blessing and source of inspiration to her race. Her inspiration comes from personal experiences and everything around her, including great artistes like P-Square, Backstreet Boyz, Westlife, Tuface, Rihanna and Celine Dion.”

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