Afua Rida Biography – Age

Afua Rida is a fashion stylist, style blogger, fashion consultant and runway show producer. She have this to say; Growing up, I first fell in love with fashion by watching my mother’s fashion process. Her style was classy, yet effortless. The bold jewelry pieces, the pencil heels, and vibrant colour and prints. I never understood the process until my undergrad years in college. It was never about having current pieces with my mother it really was all about her personal style. The intrigue turned into curiosity, which became a passion, which has now become my life.

Education Background 

Ghana International School
High School Degree. A Level GCSE certificate, Science and Social Science

Concordia University
BA Psychology, Specialization, Psychology, Marketing
2006 – 2010

Afua Rida is the Glitzafrica 2015 fashion blogger of the year.

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