Crisis Mr. Swagger Biography

Crisis Mr. Swagger
Mr. Swagger was born Chisenga Katongo in Lusaka city, the capital of
Zambia in Africa, on May 27th. He is a Multi-Award winning Hip-Hop

In January 2005, he was the first artist to release a Hip-Hop album
in his home country, Zambia. The album ‘Officer in Charge’ set the
rapper as a leader and pioneer.

He is currently working on a new album as he secures several performance spots in and out of Australia.

His artistry is inspired by musicians such as: Dr. Dre, Nas, Beastie
Boys, Rakim, Bob Marley, The Beatles, U2, Coldplay, Big Daddy Kane, BDP
and KRS-One. This group of artists also explains the rappers sound. It’s
like Dr. Dre meets Bob Marley, Busta Rhymes and Coldplay.

Having created a song that spoke against Human Trafficking, he got
recognition by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and IMO
(International Migration Organisation). The ILO then sponsored a
Business Class for Artists to which Crisis Mr. Swagger was a recipient
and also received a certificate.

Crisis Mr. Swagger is well known for nurturing younger artists, a
tradition that he continues to carry on wherever he goes. While in
Australia, he has discovered a talent in 11 year old Ani-K who he
describes as an amazing young talent with a great chance of making it

Meanwhile, the rapper has also been part of the Australian
governments NEIS (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme) where he had further
studies and received another certificate in Small Business Management.

One of his proudest moments is when he shared the stage with Akon and
Sean Paul to a crowd of +48,000 people at Zimbabwe’s Harare Sports

He has opened shows and shared the stage with other major,
international artists such as Oliver Mthukudzi, Akon, Sean Paul, E-40,
Warren-G while living and performing in major cities such as California,
Atlanta -Georgia, London, Paris, Harare, and Johannesburg etc.

In September 2013, his suburban song about Morley was picked as a
favourite by former 92.9 Perth DJ’s, Lisa, Paul and Baz who went on to
get a video made about the song.

Most recently, his song ‘The Fire Inside’ was part of The Sochi 2014
Olympics playlist as picked by CBS – Radio Canada through where he continues to dominate the Number 1 spot.
His new album is part of a major business plan that will see him perform
in major cities around the world, including Asia, Australia and Europe.

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Crisis Mr. Swagger

DISCOGRAPHY (Catalogue available on iTunes)
1996: Red Light Spells Danger – (Single Release)
1998: Streetly Business – (Single Release)
1999: Da City (Single off Compilation)
1999: The Rhythm Nation Project (Rapper/Co-Producer/Co-Engineer)
2002: Tubakoseshe (Single)
2002: The Burn (Single)
2002: Playerz Worldwide (Single)
2005: Officer In Charge (Album Release)
2005: One Day (Single Release)
2005: Good Foot (Single Release)
2006: C.R.I.$.I.$ Presents The Diamond Chain (Album Release)
2008: Designer (UK, International Album Release)
2009: Mr. Swagger (International Album Release)
2010: Electric Boogie (Single Release)
2010: Play On (Single Release)
2010: The Fire Inside (Single Release)
2011: Chain Reaction (Compilation Release/Exec. Producer/Artist)
2012: Diamond District (Mixtape Release)
2013: Morley (Single released and supported by Perth’s 92.9 FM)
2013: Soul Train EP
2014: Translation (Single Release)
2014: Soul Train (Single Release)
2014: TBA (Album)
NOTE: Read the extended bio by going to the official Crisis Mr. Swagger website