Douzi Biography


DOUZI is a Moroccan singer born to an Algerian
mother, Moroccan father, Belgian resident, untiring traveler.Best Male North Africa  AFRIMMA AWARD 2016 Nominees

Between the heat of the sounds of
Maghreb and the effectiveness of the pop rhythms and magnet, between the
melodies of the South and ambiences of North, DOUZI does not choose: he
includes, integrates, and enriches.

Surrounded by
his 6 brothers and sisters, since the age of 3, the little DOUZI is
already flirting with music, and at 5 years old, he easily publicly
interpreted his first song composed by his brother Kader – a former
“RAI” singer, composer-songwriter and centerpiece of his career- during
the time of a television show in Rabat. The song was called “La lilharb”, meaning “No to war”, and was an immediate success.

a certain time, DOUZI will hesitate between the way of the drawing – in
which he excels – and that of the music. The year 1993 will sign his
choice, when within the framework of the “Festival of the youth”,
organized by the radio station of Oujda (Morocco), DOUZI receives his
first diploma of merit… whereas he was the youngest singer of the
competition. From that moment, he was propelled and DOUZI became the
child prodigy of RAI. DOUZI grows, and his talent grows with him.
 In 1994, Douzi is 8 years old when he records his first album “Goulou Imumti tjini”,
(Mom comeback to me). The masterpiece touches many hearts, especially
those of the mothers. The result: More than 700,000 copies sold in


Ever since, many albums followed. Prodigious singer of Rai,
he did not cease opening the horizons of this genre of music by singing
in French, Arabic, English, Turkish, Spanish or Hindi; and creating by
this his new own style of music.

 In spite of his youth, the
career of DOUZI extends already over three decades, and as many price
and international recognitions:
 – August 1997: First
participation in the festival of Saidia Beach in company of variety of
artists/Price of the youngest artist of Rai music.
– 1st in the Charts on the French radios with his single titled “Yali Nassini”, for 8 weeks.
– Participation in the concert “Bollywood weekend”, organized by Indian Event in 2004.
– 2006: Recording for the compilation “Rai n’ B fever 2” /gold Disc and platinum disc (COLUMBIA-SONY-BMG).

October 2006: Participation in “Operation 0110” for the fight against
racism and in favor of integration, with the representation of Africa
and the Arab world.
– 2008: Creation of the label “Linatop
Production” by Douzi and his Manager, which allows to the artist the
complete control of his work and its distribution.
– 2008: Release of the first album under the Linatop label with a large worldwide promotional tour.

2009: release of the single “Ana maghrabi” with a clip that had a great
success on TV channels and more than 10.000.000 views on Youtube.
– 2010: release of the single “Laayoun Ainiya” with a clip and more than 4.000.000 views on Youtube.
– 2011 and 2012: Douzi recorded 3 songs (Samhini, Latgoulich Nsani and Lila Ya Omri) that are released in compilations.
 – 2013:  Release of the album – My Life- (HAYATI) under the same label (Linatop Production). 

Instagram: douziofficial

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