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Jordan Katembula (JK),

JK full name is Jordan Katembula (JK), He was born on 1978 in Ndola, Zambia.He is a Zambian musician,vocalist, composer and producer.

 Background and Early Life

Jordan is a popular Zambian vocalist, composer and producer. He was
born in 1978 in Ndola, Zambia. His junior school was Chilengwa Basic
School in Ndola and he completed his secondary education at Lubuto
School, also in Ndola.

His music career began in a group called New Age. After leaving the group, he released his own debut album, the self-titled [JK] in 2001.

In 2002, J.K. received a Ngoma Award as well as a KORA Award nomination. He also performed in London and South Africa.

JK n Davido
JK n Davido

J.K.’s second album, the 14-track Helena, was released in 2003. On one track, he performed a duet with Oliver Mutukudzi, a Zimbabwean musician. This album’s style varies from upbeat dance raps, ragga, to slow ballads.

On No Pressure, he once again collaborated on one song with another musician from South Africa, Hugh Masekela.

In 2010, Katembula released another album, Kapiripiri, titled
after the single “Kapiripiri”. It features Salma Doldia, a female
Zambian artist. The album was produced by Digital X, a Lusaka based
studio. The “Kapiripiri” music video received air play on MTVbase and
channel O.

In 2014 he released a song titled “Telemundo loving” which aired on
channel O and all local TV stations in Zambia. Some of his music videos
are available on YouTube.

JK and Yemi Alade
JK and Yemi Alade

Instagram: jordankatembulajk


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