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Wiz Em Carter

Maxwell Mulenga Nsama (born March
7,1996) known by his stage name Wiz-Em
Carter is an African rapper,singer,songwriter
and entrepreneur from Lusaka,Zambia. He is
known for his song “Holy Name Featuring
Cassie Himyz And Vince Wildboy (Produced By
K-Joe)” off his forthcoming DEBUT MIXTAPE
“Me And My Prayer”.


Wiz-Em Carter was born in Kabwe on 7th March
1996. He is the fourth and lastborn to Mr.
Christopher Mulenga Snr and Mirrim Chabala
Mulenga. Mr. Carter has three elder siblings (2
elder sisters and 1 elder brother). After his
father’s death in 1998 him,his mother and his
elder brother got separated from his sisters to
join his mother’s elder brother in Livingstone.
2000: Started school at David Livingstone
School (Grade 1)
2001-2: Transfered to Holy Cross School (Grade
2002: His uncle died and moved to Lusaka to
join his sisters. Later changed his names from
“Maxwell Chinyanta Mulenga” to “Maxwell
2003: Transfered to Namalonbwe Basic School
(Grade 4: Term 1-2). His mother died (15th
June 2003). Moved to Chipata (Gondar
Barracks,4ZR). Transfered to Gondar Basic
School (Grade 4: Term 3)
2004-6: Transfered to Trinity Private School
(Grade 5-7)
2007-8: Transfered to Chipata Day Secondary
School (Grade 8-9). Moved to Lusaka.
2009-10: Transfered to Chongwe Boys High
School (Grade 9-10).
2011-12: Transfered to Arakan High School
(Grade 11-12)


Wiz-Em Carter “Mr. Carter” began his music
career at a very young age of 4 and only his
mother knew about that because he believed
that his mother was the only person who
believed in him. After the death of his
mother,he kept it as secret and never told
anybody about it because he was afraid that
people might try to destroy his dreams of
becoming a musicians. At the age of 11 he
began writting his own songs. He was
discovered at High School (Arakan High School)
by his fellow schoolmates in 2012. He was
asked by his classmate to drop some freestyle
raps and he did so they pleaded. He began to
gain followers and supporter because of his
cool rap style. It took him two afters to start
recording his own songs due to some financial
problems. In 2015,he recorded his first song
“Holy Name” which featured his childhood
friends: Cassie Himyz,Vince Wildboy and K-Joe.
Holy Name has been appreciated by TOP Artists
like Crisis Mr. Swagger,Curtis Young (Dr. Dre’s
son),Macky 2,Katongo Temba “K.T”,Kay Figo,Cleo Ice
Queen,K.E On The Track “Grammy Nominated Music
Producer” and many more.

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