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Alemba – Alex Nyamu Alemba

Kenyan gospel singer Alemba real/full name is Alex Nyamu Alemba, He was the best kenya hype master in 2012 where he left for the
United States. He was raised in Nyeri and
later on in Nairobi. HE used to stay with her mum in Nyeri until she
passed on in 1994. Alemba then moved  in to stay with her dad and his
siblings in Nairobi.


He studied at Ofafa  Jericho upto form three and the transferred to
Uganda where he enrolled at Cambridge Education System until his A
levels .His Father wanted him to study because he had being so involved
in Ministry and Crusades.He came back to kenya in 1997 and then his dad
passed on.It was a trying moment for him because his dad was the


He developed a knack for music and thehe began writing songs and
dance as well.It was then where he was nicknamed Alemba  which means
achiever in Uganda and also in Luhya. In 2007 he teamed up with Spinrej
Deejays and aspired to be a great disk Jockey.He thought of doing
something else and then he became the famous by the hit song “I’m

He became commonly known in 2008 where in one of the tours in Narok
he was invited to entertain a crowd  while he played.From then he
concentrated on hyping and mceeing shows.Soon after, at their regular
Jesus Night shows in Nairobi, Alemba perfected his art and brought on
board dancers to help him keep the crowd dancing.“Soon, guys like Kevin
Mulei and Safaricom spotted him and slowly, he begun to emcee and hype
at bigger events.At the time, being a hype man was new, but together
with other guys, among them DNG, it became the in thing.

He did not stop writing songs and in 2009, he released Pages Za
Bible. In 2011, he did “I’m Walking”. “And all these projects with Sadic
and Juliani slowly propelled him to the top.
When he left Kenya, he got involved in ministry. Over the past four
years, he has actively been involved in hyping and mceeing at team
building activities, camps and conferences. On one occasion, while at a
military camp where he had gone to minister, he met a woman who is now
his wife.

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