Daddy Owen Biography

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Owen Mwatia “Daddy” Owen (born Friday 1, 1982) is a Kenyan contemporary Christian music (CCM) artist and songwriter from Kakamega,
Kenya. Owen is the brother to Kenyan Award-winning gospel musician

He is a member of the Kenya Assemblies of God Church, Buru Buru,
Nairobi and is signed to Beats & Blessings family. Daddy Owen is
now married to Farida Wambui (2nd April 2016). Some of his most
well-known songs are “Mbona” which was co-authored by Denno,
“Foundation”, “Tobina”, “Kazi ya Msalaba”, “Saluti”, and “System ya
Kapungala”. He is currently a praise and worship member at the Kenya
Assemblies of God, Nairobi.

Owen and Farida at Rufftones Wedding

Daddy Owen has Four albums to his name: Saluti, System ya Kapungala, Son of Man and Haijaisha. He was the Groove Awards
male artist of the year from the year 2009 to 2011. His song ‘Saluti’
earned three groove award nominations and went on win in all three
categories. Mwatia popularizes in Lingala music

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In 2010, He received the Best Anglophone award during the MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA) for the song Tobina. He was also named artist of the year at the 2012 Kisima Awards ceremony.He is the founder member of Malaika Awards,a Charitable organization for the disabled.