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DJ Invisible GH

DJ Invisible GH Is a Ghanaian international Dj. He was Nominated under the categories Best Deejay at Ghana music awards UK 2016.

DJ Invisible GH first started djing in 2002 mainly at house parties and built up his name getting bookings and recommendations not just from the Ghanaian community but from people from different parts of Africa, This really brought out his talents.

From all his hard work and passion for djing. DJ Invisible got recognized by akwaaba Uk and west coast entertainment. His involvement with these promoters got him to say that he has established himself as professional DJ. Moving from the house parties scene to the club scene.  Dj Invisible GH has worked at top clubs such as proud 2 and the inc in the 02 arena, valmont club (Chelsea). Agenda Bar London, abacus (London) to name a few.

He have traveled around Europe djing for different occasions. DJ Invisible is a resident dj at big Ghanaian events in the UK. for example Ghana independence, Ghana party in the park and miss Ghana uk.

He also dj at a famous Ghanaian radio station called rainbow international, His goal is be a household name in djing at the biggest club scenes in the world.

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DJ Invisible GH


 Twitter: djinvisiblegh