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Dk Kwenye Beat

DK Kwenye Beat real/full name is David Kilonzo, He is a Kenyan gospel
musician. He has risen the ranks to become one of the most celebrated gospel artistes in Kenya. DK was Born
in Kangundo, Machakos, DK’s love for music started at an early age.
While in Sunday school he would lead other kids in music and he
gradually grew a stage presence that would come in handy in his later


Dk kwenye beat attended Komarock primary school before
proceeding to Shining Hills Secondary School. Here he actively took part
in drama festivals and was in active leadership at the Christian union

Dk Kwenye Beat

Music Career

Love for music saw him write his first song G.O.D at the age of 14
but was not able to produce it up until he was 18 years old.
Fortunately, he met other members of the gospel and together they worked
on the System anthem where he met Jimmy Gait.
Together they did the Furi furi hit song which saw him rise to fame in the Kenyan showbiz circles.
Unfortunately it was not all bliss. A fall out with Jimmy Gait
threatened to affect his career but as he says he learnt his lessons.
Despite it all, he was able to get back and propel his career with
hits like Sari Sari featuring Anto Neo Soul, Kofi Yoo featuring Master
piece, Asusu featuring Chuchu, Kereka and Pakacha.
He is set to release new music in the next two weeks as he gears up for the Groove Awards to which he is nominated for.
When it comes to relationships, DK affirmed that he likes to keep his
private life away from showbiz, but was quick to admit that he is not
searching! With music idols like Kirk Franklin, DK admits that one
should not be afraid to ask whenever they need help within the music
He also adds that artistes should stay focused, work hard and trust
in God. That said, his resilience and desire to work and change the
industry makes him our MCM today.

Dk Kwenye Beat

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DK Kwenye Beat  Songs

  • Pakacha
  • Asusu
  • Sari Sari feat. AntoNeoSoul
  • Furi Furi feat. Jimmy Gait
  • Kereka
  • Fly Away ft. Boss MOG
  • Naangalia Juu

Facebook: daudikabakamusik
Twitter: dkkwenyebeat