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Isabella Melodie

Nigerian gospel singer
Isabella Melodie is Wife to Ogo, mother to Sharon, Stephanie, Shane & Shemaiah.
Worship Pastor; Multi-Award-Winning Gospel Artiste; Song Writer &
Author. Passionate Worshipper. she is also the Founder and President of Women of African Origin in Music Ministry [WAOMM].

Isabella Melodie
Isabella Melodie and husband

As well as being a devoted wife, dedicated mother of four, gifted songwriter, author, public speaker, worship leader, 

  According to interview with praisecamp “The vision for WAOMM was really birthed during the recording of my first album in 2009. I was desperate to be mentored by a female Gospel artist of African origin based in the UK and I was horrified when my search yielded no names. There were a handful of successful African male Gospel artists but no African females that I knew of. This bothered me a lot. There were female artists but they were non-African. Secondly, even within the very few around, I needed someone who would make themselves available to me and who would be willing to open up to me and be real about the challenges, strategies and pitfalls of the music ministry. I wanted someone who could show me the way the music ministry works. I saw a real gap that needed to be filled. I also didn’t see any real collaborative working amongst Africans and again that struck me as something that needed to change.

Isabella Melodie

Over the years, as I became a mentor to many other upcoming artists myself, it became clearer to me that I could initiate the change I was looking for. I believe the Lord inspired me to bridge the gap which was becoming more and more evident to me, so that’s the inspiration behind WAOMM. I initially discussed the vision with my husband and we were totally in agreement about it so I went further to discuss it with a number of key players in Gospel Music, who included Pauline Long (CEO and founder of BEFFTA Awards), Zanele Mbokazi (President and founder of Crown Gospel Awards), Victor Igbinigie (co-director of Crystal Awards) and Charles Koranteng (AGMA co-founder). I am very proud and honoured to say that they are all currently members of our Executive Advisory Board.

We also have four Honorary ambassadors: Chevelle Franklyn, Emmy Kosgei, Juliet Fletcher and Diana Hamilton. Amongst our National Coordinators are: Onos Ariyo (Nigeria), Anu Oyeneyin (East Coast USA), Priscilla Olubunmi-Awoseyi (Canada), Eloho Efemuai (Scotland), Onos Brisibi (Midwest USA), Cynthia Ukathung (Italy), Yetunde Joyce Oyeneyin (Ireland) and many more still in discussions.”

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Isabella Melodie

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