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Laura Karwirwa

Kenyan female gospel singer Laura Karwirwa Mugambi, is a young,
passionate lady whose love for God propels every bit of her life. She is
the first born of two, born of Mr. and Mrs. Mugambi on the 12th of
June, 1996. She was born in Nairobi and raised in Thika, Kenya.


She went to ACK Thika Memorial Church School (Class of 2010) for her
primary school education and Riara Springs Girls High School (Class of
2014). These institutions contributed heavily to her spiritual growth as
well as his developing her talent. She was part of many singing groups
in school, and the Drama Club too. In 2013,she was awarded 2nd best
actress at National Level in the Annual Drama Festivals.She is currently
pursuing a degree in Food, Nutrition and Dietetics at Kenyatta
University, health being a field she is also passionate about.
Laura Karwirwa


Laura was convicted of her call to ministry in 2012, by then she had
discovered her gift in music. She took guitar classes and got heavily
involved in singing in school and even Music as a subject.
After completing her high school education, she set out to achieve her
long time dreams with very positive support from her family, in 2015.
She recorded a few singles, releasing “Natamani Nikuone” on September 20th
and later “Mtetezi” in December that year. Her third single, “Ni Neema
Yako” is set to be released mid July – 2016 and the bigger project,
“Natamani Nikuone – The Album” will be launched on the 14th of August,
Karwirwa fellowships at Thika Methodist Church where she
has been since she was a child. Her ministry was dedicated in the church
on 20th September, 2015.
Laurel Ministry is an idea that found root in her heart and
mind in 2015 when she felt passionate towards ministry as a whole
besides just music. Hence, under Laurel Ministry, she runs a blog and a
YouTube vlog, she is planning several outreach programs to help the
community and also help discover and bud other talents, among others.


Other than her evident interest in music and human health, Laura is
fascinated by the idea of hosting a radio show and in due time, a TV
Show. She would also like to try her hands on voice-overs and
She also loves fashion, spending qualities with friends and family and
reading books and keeping journals have been her favorite hobbies over
the years.
She is generally a free-spirited lady who loves God and loves people.
Laura Karwirwa

Laura comes off as a very sweet soul. That combined with her beautiful
voice you have fantastic artists with amazing music. Her songs Mtetezi and Natamani Nikuone
have been well received by her fans. Since her debut into the industry
she has managed to get a nomination for the New Artist, Groove Awards
2016. She also has a blog where she shares her beliefs. It would be nice
to see her take more risks with her music. Her firm Christian
foundation gives her a good head on her shoulders.


Facebook: KarwirwaLaura
Instagram:  karwirwalaura


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