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Mercy Njoki

Kenya female gospel artiste Mercy Njoki was Born and raised in Nairobi, she was brought up in the church. Her
salvation has been about learning. Sometimes falling, sometimes going her
own way outside of what God would want for her, sometimes wanting to
give up and sometimes knowing better and making the right decisions.

She began singing when she was very young. she was probably 4 or 5 years
old. Even at that age she could tell she was gifted and so it became her
mission to sing all over the place. However, in later years she began to
learn that her gift was and is for God’s glory. She sang a lot in church
and that is where her gift has and continues to be nurtured.

 It is in
church that she learnt that her singing is not about her or how well she can
sing. It is about God’s purposes for her and her music, for the sake of
others. To date Mercy has been very aware that God can use anyone and so for Him
to use her, to allow her to do something she love and use it to reach
others, is a HUGE privilege.

Singing/Music and the whole aspect of ministering to people and being
in the Presence of God, is her heart’s passion and desire. It is where she most happy and fulfilled. The call upon her life, Mercy Njoki believe, is best
put forth by Isaiah 61:1-3 (NIV)

Mercy Njoki

Mercy Njoki is a daring artist who took up the challenge of releasing a
song every single week for a year. She released her album in 2010 and
was also featured in the CITAM Woodley Music Team album titled Total Surrender. 

Mercy Njoki has stayed true to her cause and her song can be found here. One
worry though, the constant releasing of songs does not allow the
audience to enjoy a song. The thing about audiences is that songs
usually grow on them and there is need to let a song get a life of
itself. Mercy Njoki has a beautifully voice and she is worth listening

Mercy Njoki n Husband
Mercy Njoki n Husband

So far I have sang in various churches, mad love lounge (14th Feb,
2010), Samantha’s Bridal Fair (Feb 18th-21st). I have released 2 songs
and my album is being released on 1st August 2010.

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Mercy Njoki

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