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Zambian musician

MILZ a.k.a The Teacher, is a Zambian reggae and dancehall singer,
performer and song writer.

A true master of his ability on the microphone and writing skills. He
started his music in the early 90s as a toddler in church. Mastering the
art till the late 90s when he joined several rap battling teams. His
original crew was called UNKNOWN CREW that later changed to FIRE GAS
SQUAD always left the crowd wondering over their ability in the REGGAE
and DANCEHALL acts. 

 As a solo performer, his name never failed to leave a mark, that is why
up to date he remains a force to reckon with in the genre.

MILZ released his solo album in 2010 called REAL VYBZ, which featured
the likes of Redlinso, Alubusu, Pertersen, and G. Q. The album produced
at flat-Line records by the legendary Jerryfingaz (Jericho Banda),

 ignited more serious attitudes towards reggae and dancehall in Zambia.

The album got a nomination of best foreign rhythm category in the local;
Born n Bred awards with ‘’GUNMAN BADMAN’’, condemning the violence and
evils around that are being tolerated in the communities over peace and
provision of education for the youths. Of which he walked away with the
award in the same year, 2010.


 He released yet another 10 track CD in 2012, titled ‘NAISA’ meaning he
is back in the local dialect as he had been silence for a while. This
one was voiced at KulTure studio Siavonga town and mastered at Dream
Sounds records, of course with a touch of Jerryfingaz on songs like

Since then he has been releasing smashers that include TAKE U OUT ft
Redlinso and Yellowman under Flat-Line records.

He is referred to as The Teacher because his touch in the reggae and
dancehall growth in Zambia cannot be missed, despite himself being a
Secondary school teacher by profession..

 MILZ has had several acts including, Zedway Movement Splash Concerts,
Bob Marley Memorial Concerts Zambia, Siavonga Music Festivals and other
international acts in Africa and the Scandinavian region.

His names has featured on several reggae and dancehall riddims produced
and released from the original birth place of reggae,Jamaica.

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His golden vocal ability and energy leaves you feeling part of his
writing ability. They call him The Teacher. Very calm personality but
vicious musical acts.