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Mr Googz

Kenyan gospel singer Mr Googz real/full name is Moffat Omari, He is a song writer and a born again. Mr Googz hail from Zaimmermann Kenya.

Mr. Googz real name Moffat Omare is a secular turned gospel musician from East Africa Nairobi Kenya.

Mr Googz  grew up in
Zimmerman, a sub-urban area of Nairobi. He attended Ainsworth Primary
School in Eastleigh Nairobi, and later attended Highway Secondary School
for his High School Education.

Mr Googz

As a young lad growing up, he
loved listening to music and as he continued, his passion increased and
he began teaching himself how to write music by listening to some of the
musicians he loved like Snoop, Dr.Dre, Redman etc.

With time,
he felt he had learnt enough to enable him write a song and record. He
teamed up with Vinnie Banton and formed a duo.

They joined
Ogopa DJs record label, wrote and recorded the song “Wasee Tumetoka
Githurai” and released it in the year 2002. It became an instant hit in
Kenya and East Africa countries as well as among the Kenyans living in
the Diaspora.

In 2003, they left Ogopa DJs record label, and
formed their own label called ”The Badman Camp” which also included
artists like the Longombas and Deux Vultures.

Their song “Githurai” received several nominations including ”THE KORA AWARDS” and “THE KISIMA AWARDS” (Kenya).

Mr Googz  

The following year 2004,Mr.Googz parted with Vinnie Banton for solo
careers and it is during this time, he recalls being in clubs and discos
and hearing an inner voice whispering to him that if Jesus Christ
would come back at that specific time, he would not have made it into
the Kingdom of Heaven, unless he gets born again.

Eventually, Mr. Googz got born again in 2005, turning his back on successful secular career music.

Mr Googz  released his first gospel album “His Love” in 2006 which received considerable airplay in Kenya and Uganda.

Mr Googz  later released the song and video, “Gospel Celebrity” in 2009 which
also became an instant hit in the Gospel scene. Here, he addresses the
Gospel artists and tells them the importance of using their music as a
tool to evangelise the good news which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ,
and not using it as a major way of making money to satisfy their own
fleshly desires.

Mr. Googz openly admits that his relationship
with God and His Word (the scriptures) , are the main foundation of his
music hence the reason why he took some years off the music scene to
build and strengthen this foundation, to be able to use his music to
impact and change the world with the Word of God.

Mr. Googz is
also currently the pastor of ‘’The Wisdom Centre Church’ ’Nairobi
Kenya founded in 2011 under the Apostolic leadership of Dr.David Juma
Gichuki founder and President of Life Church International, Kenya.

Mr Googz

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  • 2003 Kisima Music Awards – Reggae Artist of the Year 


  • 2002 Kora Awards – Most Promising Male 
  • 2007 Kisima Music Awards – Contemporary Gospel

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