Pablo Crack Biography

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Pablo Crack

Zambian artist Joe Mukamwembo known by the stage name Pablo Crack was born on 19 February 1994. He is a
copperbelt based recording artist and song writer. Currently signed to crackline management as an artist and
music manager.

Pablo dates the first time he became a hip hop music fan to be when he across a jayz
doccumentary titled “The fade to black concert”. When just as most rappers would name Tupac, Jayz and
Eminem as emcees they look up to or local acts as the late daddy zemus and soosh matix.

 Pablo states his
other influences to be rap battle emcees as the likes of dizaster, cassidy n murda mook .While in high school at
a rap battle he was approached by a friend to feature on a record that would mark the begining of him aspiring
to become an artist, it was then that he began to see himself more as an artist than just a battle emcee.

Pablo Crack

 2 years he had recorded and released a mixtape titled “thug
induction” to which he was able to attract a medium following. In 2013 he then took a musical break to
concentrate on school. The folowing year while at school he became part of a music group then called benchmc
(B.m.C) and would record freestyles, cyphers and covers in a friends room. Later that year while researching on
artist development he came across an A&R company called Zee Music which later signed him after 4 months
through a youth creative program.

He is currently working on a follow up mixtape titled the “crack season” set to
be released this year (2016) that will contain both original songs and a few sampled covers. On the upcoming
mixtape he said people could expect two or three surprise features and that the crack season would be the first
in a series of other LP’s