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Rapper Visita is a kenyan  Musician, producer and intending actor.He was born in the month of June, He has released many hit songs and albums which includes Elewa Lewa
Hivo Ndio Kunaendaga
Chali Stinji.CEO Boom Rock studios. He was nominated as Music Producer of The Year AFRIMMA AWARD 2016 .

 Visita began singing in a church then joined
Jomino Records in 2003. He did not know how to rap back then while Jomino
had so many rappers. He did a song called Wanitesa that got played at
only one radio station. Visita left Jomino after a while and in 2006, He
downloaded a software called Fruity Loops at a cyber café and taught
myself how to compose beats which I sold for Sh500 to artistes.

Word went round and He got clients, then a friend opened Goldbase
Records and took him in. Steve of Jomino Records heard about what he was
doing and proposed that Visista work with him in a new Jomino studio. At
Jomino, He found recorded tapes which he was to mix. Visita did not tell anyone
that he did not know what he was doing and learnt on the job.

Visita got a job in Mombasa, left Jomino and came back after some
years. In 2012, He opened His own studio, Boom Rock and did a couple of
beats among them Maswali ya Polisi which Refigah bought from him. Later
on, Refigah asked visita if he could work with him in Grandpa Records. He
closed down his studio.


 Visita closed down is own studio Boom Rock to Join Grandpa Records because he was still a hustler and with the studio in
Karen, He struggled to pay rent. Grandpa Records opened doors for him and
gave him the chance to compose beats for Kamua Leo, Chapa (Fimbo ya
Pili), Dumbala remix, Vile Kunaendaga, Chali Stingy… the list is

Visita and Kenrazy became friends when He came to Jomino Records and asked visita to
compose beats for him to use in a competition at Alliance Française
where he was schooling. We later on did a couple of songs together. He
can say that he is my best friend.

Visita is working on a Kenyan sound, He would like to have boom
rock as a Kenyan sound.a situation where if you here a particular song or beat, you can its kenyan songs just like Nigerians and other countries has theirs.

Six is a lucky number for visita. he was born in June (6), he
won a competition in 2006. he changed his name from V-6 to Visita because
my older fans found its pronunciation somewhat complicated. Visita was

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