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Winky Daily

Kenyan gospel hip pop singer Winky Daily real name is Winny Njoki , she is a child of God. A saved Kenyan based female gospel rapper whose
ministry is based on reaching the youths and of cause spreading the word of
God worldly.

On the other hand Winky Daily by the names of Winny Njoki  is a girl,a
christian and a rapper who is always ready to experiment several genres
of music.

Winky Daily

“I never knew that hip-hop music was also a girls thing not until I
started listening to hip-hop music. When I look at the gospel hip-hop
ministry in Kenya’s it’s like 90% is men from the like’s of Juliani, Eko Dydda , Holy Dave Kris Erroh, Kenn Eddy Krezi , Maluda , Kelele Takatifu , Soc , among others this would have been hard for the ladies I would say.” said winky

Winky Daily

Winky is a friend to kenyan female rapper Dee Kenya by the names of Diana Kiamba
Facebook: Winky-Daily

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