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Angel-Ho real/full name is Angelo Antonia Valerio She hail from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. SHe is Cape Town performance artist and DJ.She is the founder of NON Record. 

Using “arbitrary sound” accompanied by conceptual drag, he is
interested in stirring up dialogues about classism, identity, sexuality
and gender. “She, Angel-Ho, is a concept, a critique of socio-political
issues within South Africa,” Angelo says in an interview leading up to a
performance at the Design Indaba Party
on 26 February. Incorporating elements of NY ballroom bass, bubblegum
bass, industrial bass, electronic synths and minimal house;

Angel-Ho has
developed her very own sound dubbed “Angelwave”.  In addition to her
(very) recent collab with Dope Saint Jude on the track ‘Keep In Touch‘,
Angel-Ho’s solo releases include: ‘Runnin’ With Knives’ which marked
her debut 5 months ago, the atmospheric ‘Night Repair’.

NON Records is the far-reaching label arm of the sovereign state of NON, a
community of artists of Africa and of the African diaspora whose
citizens reside in villages, towns, and cities across the globe. Founded
by Angelo Valerio (Angel-Ho), a club producer in South Africa’s Cape
Town, Chino Amobi, an experimental collagist and vocalist in the USA,
and Melika Ngombe Kolongo (Nkisi), a synthesist of new hardcore sounds
in London, NON cuts across genre and geography to unite politically and
sonically forward-thinking musicians in an ongoing exploration of
Pan-African identity in the twenty-first century.

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