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Caroline Mackintosh

Caroline Mackintosh is a photographer from South African.  Her photographs have a personality of their own – young, carefree and adventurous. Not unlike Cally herself.

Having been signed to Supernova and having shot for the likes of Oyster and VICE US all during the past year.

The young photographer works hard, sure, but it’s how she has so much fun while doing it that takes her photography to a place that few others can touch. People notice this, and Cally has worked with publications that include Oyster and VICE. A dream for any young photographer. With no real formal training, Cally’s keen eye was developed on family holidays in the bush, before she went on to assist Ulrich Knoblauch, who still serves as friend and mentor to her. We’re very excited to see where this young talent’s career goes and look forward to further collaborations.


Caroline Mackintosh family has always been very into their wildlife. From a young age She would travel with them to the likes of Botswana, Zambia and Nambia. It was only natural for her to pick up her dad’s camera and start taking pictures of our expeditions! From then on Her love for photography has only grown and expanded mainly towards people and landscapes, rather than animals.

After school, Caroline Mackintosh did a year of Fine Art at Michaelis but then transferred to a degree in Property Studies, a decision she still question. Upon finishing her studies, she came full circle and pursued her career in photography. As cliche as it sounds she knew she could never have an office job, She have a hungry soul, She always need to meet new people and have an ever-changing environment to keep me stimulated.

 Caroline Mackintosh didn’t really have any formal training in photography so decided to assist a local photographer, Ulrich Knoblauch. He has been greatly inspirational, supportive and influential in the way she see my photography today. He is both my mentor and good friend.

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Caroline Mackintosh

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