Jonathan van der Walt Biography

Jonathan van der Walt

Jonathan van der Walt is a fine artist, Born into a creative and cultured family, a career as a fine artist was a natural choice for Jonathan van der Walt, who is currently studying towards his Master’s Degree at NMMU in Port Elizabeth.

His discipline of focus, sculpture, enables him to combine techniques, characteristics and mediums common to both high and low art. Using the art world in which he produces as his primary subject, Jonathan examines the blurred relationship between kitsch and fine art.

This year two of his sculptures, The Warhol Affects and Marvel at the Avante-garde, were accepted into the national top 100 for the ABSA L’Atelier competition and will be on show from July to August this year at the ABSA Gallery in Johannesburg. Later on this year, he will also be participating in the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum Biennial.

Jonathan van der Walt is a fine artist based in Port Elizabeth, focusing his practice in the discipline of sculpture yet proficient in drawing and painting as well. He was born in Kimberley and conquered the trek from the Big Hole to Bayworld with my family when He was 10.

Jonathan van der Walt a ginger to some and a redhead to hairdressers. He had an exciting and somewhat successful secondary education, matriculating from Victoria Park High School in 2009, whilst getting my music fix playing bass guitar in their Jazz Band. He graduated with a Fine Art (sculpture) degree cum laude last year at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and He currently studying towards a Master’s degree.


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