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Katarina Boshoff

Katarina Boshoff was born 8 October 1980 as Katarina Cristina Boshoff. She is a South African folk pop singer and pianist based in Cape Town.

Boshoff was born in Stellenbosch, and holds dual citizenship in South Africa and Spain. She began playing piano at the age of 12, and received her first recording contract at the age of 18. Katarina is partly South African, partly Dutch.

Boshoff released her debut single, “I’m only human” in 1999.[1] The single topped the South African National Campus Charts. It spent 9 weeks on the South African National Top 40 Charts, where it peaked at the number six position. In 2000 she followed the single with her debut album, This is me.

Katarina’s songs, then, are that rarest of musical experiences, a seamless emotional journey that deeply touches listeners of all ages with their beauty, grace, individuality, and courage. But perhaps to call Katarina courageous is overstating something that is really much simpler. “This music is not about me,” she says. “It’s about the soul in all of us. I’m just happy to have a voice to convey these things to the world.”

And the world is certainly a better place because of it…..

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