Mahalia is fueled by her passion to see people all over the world inspired to worship and praise God through Spirit-born music and lyrics , and to see the name of God lifted up
through her music. She has a passion for the glory of God!

This reflects in her writings and productions, delivered under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Everything culminates on her latest single “New Dimension”.

A track written by Mahalia and Shaun P, which serves as the album’s final destination, encapsulating her journey up to this point. In many ways, the single comes back to
the album’s title “Redeemed to worship” which encompasses this enigmatic and enlightening artist who explains “Redemption is the true theme of our worship in Heaven,


that’s what inspired my offering -Redeemed to worship “

She concludes with an inspiring personal message to her audience saying “I pray that as you spend time in worship,

you keep the cross in mind. Let these wonderfully inspired songs, seal the truth of redemption to your hearts and life”

With her pure dedication and vision, it’s clear that Mahalia Buchanan is
about to tap into gospel music’s power like never before and her worship will touch many globally.

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