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Asanda MsakiAsanda Msaki Mvana

Msaki real/full name is Asanda Msaki Mvana, the gorgeous and powerful voice of indie/afro/folk songstress. Asanda
Msaki Mvana began to focus solely on music in
2012 when, following previous stints in law and art, she was selected
from hundreds of applicants to attend a music school in North Carolina.


 After her return to South Africa she introduced her sound with a
compilation of some of the songs she had written in her debut EP, Nali’themba (translating to ‘Harbouring Hope’). Msaki is now in the midst of recording her first full length album titled Zaneliza: How The Water Moves. It’s a hugely collaborative effort, and she’s documenting the journey from start to finish on tumblr and YouTube.

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