Terence Maluleke Biography

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Terence Maluleke

Terence Maluleke is an artist who hail from south Africa. He is a Student at The Animation school, Johannesburg, South Africa. His focus are Digital Art,
Character Design.

Terence ‘Tako’ Maluleke’s illustrations feature the likes of fierce warrior women, urban style tribes and everyday characters. In addition to his exceptional craft, what makes Terence’s work so impactful is the powerful and empowered way in which people of colour are depicted.

 Drawing off his own experience and identity as an African, Terence Maluleke believes that by recognising who you are and allowing this to feed into your work, it will be honest and other people will connect with it too.

 In today’s hyper-mediated but radically unequal society, Terence believes that young artists have an important role to play in putting out positive images that embrace diversity in all its glorious permutations.

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Instead of focusing on pictures of perfect body types and specific representations of black identity, Terence wants his art to celebrate the differences and beautiful imperfections that make each person unique.

Terence Maluleke