Dounia Batma Biography – Age, Husband, Wiki

Born on April 1, 1991 in Hay Mohammedi, Casablanca, Morocco, Dounia Batma (written in Arabic as دنيا بطمة) is a popular singer from Morocco who came to limelight after her performance in first season of Arab Idol on MBC in 2013 where she was placed as a runner-up. She studied tourism but that didn’t stop her from following her passion, although her father Hamid Batma was also into music and did play for different bands including Mesnawa and Nass El Ghiwane, we believe that’s where she drew her inspiration from.

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Dounia got married in 2013 to Mohamed Al Turk. This is the summary of her performance so far;

First casting (Casablanca) : “La Tfaker” by Thekra
Second casting (Beirut) : “Hob Eih” by Umm Kulthum
Top 10 Girls : “Magadir” by Talal Maddah
1st Prime : “Youm Leek” by Thekra
2nd Prime : “Darrat El Ayam” by Umm Kulthum
3rd Prime : “Lashhad Hobbak” by Najwa Karam
4th Prime : “Habina Wa Thabina” by Mayada El Henawi
5th Prime : “Akhtar Min Awal Ahebak” by Ahlam
5th Prime : “Khayna” by Rashed Al-Majed and Asmaa Lamnawar
6th Prime : “Olli A’amalak Eh Albi” by Mohammed Abdel Wahab
6th Prime : “Aal Bal” by Samira Said
7th Prime : “Ma Aad Badri” by Mohammed Abdu
7th Prime : “Akthar” by Asala Nasri
8th Prime : “Tab Wa Ana Mali” by Warda Al-Jazairia

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