Gloria Muliro Biography – Age, Songs, Husband

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Gloria Muliro whose real name is Gloria Owendi is a well known Kenyan gospel artiste, songwriter and motivational speaker. Born on 1 April 1980, she made her debut back in 2005 with her first album titled Omwami Aletsa (The Lord is Coming). She has over four albums but the album that brought her to limelight is Kibali (mandate) due to her most popular song Sitolia (I Won’t Cry) is part of it. Her childhood is not all that fun, she grew up in a very poor family, and lost her mother in 1989. Mybiohub also found out that she learnt how to pray through her sister Janet and her focus was to be well known when she grows up.

She runs Gloria ministries that started since 2001, it offers a helping hand to the orphans, widows, street children, youth and most important to preach the Gospel through ‘The Great Commission’ that Christ commanded us all (Matthew 28:19,20). She was married to Eric Omba but they separated after five years.

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1ST Album- Mwami Aletsa : Tracks

Was recorded in 2005 : All tracks in Luhya, her native language
Omwami Aletsa (my God will surely come)
Mwami Yangula (He bought me )
Luliho Olwimbo (Theres a song)
Khulwanda (on the rock)
Mwami (Lord)
Nzitsang Hambeli (I press on )
Ndilonda Khunzira (I’ll follow the path)
Abula Oundi (There’s none else)
2nd Album -SITOLIA :Tracks:

Nakuhitaji (I need you)
Neno (The Word)
Kazi yako (Your work)
Nani Kama Wewe (Who is like you)
Maisha ( A marriage Song)
Mambo yote (All things )
MatsaiKaYesu (The blood of Jesus)
3rd Album- FOLLOW YOU : Tracks:

Follow You
Kando –Betrayal
Yesu Iroma-All I have
Tukuza – A Praise Song
Bolela Yesu –Tell it to Jesus
Kibali –Favour
Ningweendete –I love you
Papa Oshe _Thank You Lord
Mbukanga – Am amazed
4th Album MSAIDIZI : Tracks:

Msaidisi (Helper)
Amini –Believe
Anakupenda –He loves you
Orio-Thank you
Mungu ni Mungu (He is God)
I pad
Matokeo –Results