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Hafsa Idris is another beautiful Nigerian actress in the Kannywood movie industry. She made her debut in a movie titled Barauniya. Prior to starting her acting career, she was a full-time housewife for nine years and gave birth to two children. Read what she has to say about how she joined the movie industry;

“One day, when I visited Kano to buy a Handset from one Alhaji Ishaq at Farm Centre, I met some Kannywood members shooting film at the Centre. I there and then told Alhaji Ishaq that now that my marriage has crashed, I want to take up acting career in Kannywood.
Then he promised to link me up with one Yawale who is an in-law to Naziru Ahmad, one of the popular Hausa musicians.
“As God might have it, one day I was at the shop again for business when Alhaji Ishaq said to me: ‘Hafsat you have come at the right time, meet the Yawale I was telling you about that will link you up with Ali Nuhu who will pave way for you to join Kannywood with ease.’
“Two months after, I was informed that A.S Mai-kwai, Nazifi Asnanic, and some other actors would be shooting a film somewhere around Tahir Guest Palace and that if I was interested and around, I could come over and meet them. That was how I was introduced to Nazifi Asnanic.

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“After some discussion, Nazifi told me that there was a high budget film that would be coming up soon named ‘Barauniya’ that would feature Hauwa Waraka, Fati Yola, Ali Nuhu and several other A-grade actors and actresses and they wanted me to play the lead role.
“Then Abdulazeez Dan-small gave me the script of the upcoming film. I went home and read it over and over again,” emphasized the enthusiastic Hafsat.
Consequently, Hafsat’s promising dream began to look like a mirage as she stayed for about eight months nobody had called her or contacted her about the upcoming film she was to feature in.
Fortunately for Hafsat, her untoward piece of luck stroke when one day, Nazifi Asnanic called her and said: ‘Hafsat this one that you are not calling to say Hi or relate with some of our colleagues here don’t you think you will be easily forgotten?’
That call definitely set the tone for Hafsat’s dream because, “After the chat, Nazifi promised to reach out to me again.

“One day, he called me and invited me for a rehearsal. That was the first time I was meeting with A S. Mai-kwai. But I never met Ali Nuhu who also was to play a prominent role in the film,” Hafsat quickly
recounted, noting that she was earlier told not to be jittery before the award-winning actor, Ali Nuhu.

“They then called Ali Nuhu and linked me up with him for a chat. Alhamdulillah, all of them were impressed. That was how I got my role in Barauniya’,” so was Hafsat’s beginning of sojourn into the

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She was born in Shagamu but is a Kano state indigene. Hafsa Idris has more than 900,000 followers on Instagram.