Maureen Nantume Biography – Age

Maureen Nantume is a Ugandan singer and a member of Golden band. She lost her mother in 1996, from her story her early years wasn’t easy, read her story;

its my grand mother that raised me up.While here she also fell sick and died in 1999. I then went and started living with my uncle who also seemed not to like me because he always told me that he’s not aware of where am buried..He wasn’t easy for me and one day he asked me if i could afford the house rent fees, i thout he was kidding so i said yes, one day i came back to school only to see, was my mattress and blanket left in the house, his property and kids where no where to be seen…You can’t imagine how big my head became thinking of what to do…I talked to the neighbors and they told me they saw him pack things and leaving the house with his children..Surely i couldn’t afford the house rent so i also had to leave.. I then thought of what to do, i was not so educated by then so i found problems in finding a job. I then got a home where i worked as a house gal in Najjanankumbi from 2000 – 2002…I Joined music in 2003 (Eagles Production)…. 

Maureen and her husband Ronnie Muganza welcomed their baby in 2015.

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