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Nqobilé Ntshangase is a South African model and international dancer and member of the London based three female dancing group known as CEO dancers which includes Soliat Bada and Ezinne Asinugo. Born in 1988, the award-winning dancer, model and fashion stylist grew up surrounded by Kwaito/Afro house street music and that was how the passion began.

This is what she has to say about how the group kicked off;
Ezinne and I met at University where we were part of a 4 member female group in the African Caribbean Society known then as Kocco Dancers. Ezinne and Soliat met at a P-square show in London. When 2 members of Kocco Dancers left the group, Ezinne told me of this amazing girl she had met named Soliat and she knew she would be perfect for the group. A few hours later, she called Soliat and asked if she would like to help us with a performance we had been booked for in Nottingham. She said yes to the gig, we rehearsed the next day, performed the following day and the rest was history.

CEO Dancers

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