Chinyere Nwabueze Biography – Age, Movies

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Chinyere Nwabueze is a Nollywood actress from Ohafia in Abia State. She studied Theatre Arts but first worked in the bank but left the banking industry during the period of distress.

Chinyere joined Nollywood movie industry in 2009 and before hitting it big she used to be a location scout which many people know her for.Aside from acting, Chinyere has also been into movie production. She has featured in many Nigerian movies playing the role of wife and mother. Some of her movies includes:

  1. When the King decides 
  2.  Eze Abata the kidnapper 
  3. Spider etc

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She has won some awards in her career as an actress which includes TERRACOTTA’s best supporting actress for her role in ‘Spider’ and was also nominated Africa’s best actress at the ZAFFA awards in London.