Baaba Maal Biography – Profile, Age, Songs, Country

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Born on 12 November 1953, is a Senegalese singer and guitarist born in Podor, on the Senegal River. The person of  Baaba Maal. He is one of Senegal’s most important musicians and singer-songwriter He works with a rich palette of sounds, mixing West African Folk music, Pop, Hip-hop and reggae with spiritual and politically charged lyrics.
He was made the UNDP Youth Emissary in July, 2003. He sings majorly Pupaar and he also the primary promoter of Tradition of Pulaar-speaking people living in the Island of Senegal in the ancient Kigdon of Futa Tooro.
The mother of Baaba was one of his major mentor as he learnt music from his mother. He relocated to Paris for studying of traditional music with Mansour Seck after which he began performing with the band group; Daade Lenol. He released his Firin in Fouta albumin 1994 during which he Reggae, Salsa and Breton harp and it landed him much popularity in the entertainment industry. 
Maal has done several songs among which are; Passion, Djam Leelii, Mango, Lam Toro, Wango, Gorel Taara and many others.