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We bring to you this lady, Angelica Nwandu who was born in 1990. She’s the founder of The Shade Room, an Instagram-based media company focused on celebrity gossip. The Shade room Instagram page is being referred to as Instagram’s TMZ by the New York Times. Let’s take a look at what Angelica Nwandu has to say about her humble beginning;

After losing her mom to domestic violence, Angelica became an orphan in America’s brutal culture shock society. She narrates to Cosmopolitan;

When I was 6 years old, I lost my mother at the hands of my father to domestic violence, and I entered the foster care system. Trying to cope with the pain and confusion of the situation led to me getting in trouble in school. I was angry all the time, and I was fighting a lot with other kids. When I was 12, I met one of my mentors, Zaid Gayle, from Peace for Kids. It’s a program that helps foster youth find creative outlets to let their anger out. I joined the poetry program because I didn’t want to do anything else like music or art. Writing became my therapy. I stopped fighting. I was doing well in school. I started to see myself as different than my circumstances.

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I went to Loyola Marymount University on a full scholarship. I studied accounting and human resources. My biggest concern was that I had to support myself. Who else was going to help me?

After graduation in 2012, I was hired to work with a senior accountant at a motorcycle shop in Los Angeles. I did the daily grunt work of paperwork and filing taxes.

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According to website valuation software, The Shade Room website is worth $23 million.