John Ogbu (Late) Biography – Age, Profile, Country, Family, Education

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John Uzo Ogbu was born on 9 May 1939 and died on 20 August 2003. He was born in the village of Umudome in Ebonyi State. Ogbu attended Hope Waddell Training Institute and Methodist Teachers’ Training College. Before his death he was a Nigerian-American anthropologist and professor known for his theories on observed phenomena involving race and intelligence, especially how race and ethnic differences played out in educational and economic achievement. 
Looking into his work of writing and publications, he authored; In 1986 Signithia Fordham co-authored, along with Ogbu, a study which concluded that some African American students in a Washington, D.C., high school did not live up to their academic potential because of the fear of being accused of “Acting White”. He personally authored – African American Vernacular English.