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Obiwu professionally known as Obioma Paul Iwuanyanwu was born in 1962. He is Nigerian-American writer and professor. Obiwu was born in Umuahia, the capital of Abia State in southeastern Nigeria. His parents, Ichie Njoku Iwuanyanwu and Lolo Igbeaku Iwuanyanwu, who were Catholics and ran their own hotel and restaurant business. He is a survivor of the Igbo genocide in Nigeria (1966-1970), and teaches World Literature and Critical Theory in the Humanities Department at Central State University.
He graduated with honors in 1986 from Abia State University of Nigeria and In 1990, he gained his master’s degree from the University of Jos. He earning his PhD in English and Textual Studies.
He has written the following books; Rituals of the Sun, 1992, Igbos of Northern Nigeria, Tigress at Full Moon, 2012, The Critical Imagination in African Literature: Essays in Honor of Michael J. C. Echeruo just to mention but a few of his literature work.