Theo McRiddle’s Biography

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Theo McRiddle Ndlovu was born and raised in a creative town south side of Johannesburg,a place known as Orange Farm or more modern “Farmton” ,growing up in a place were art is an everyday routine has to be evidently why Theo is such a great artist.
Theo’s versatility ranges from Rythm And Poetry(R.A.P) to Afro-Jazz,
He is an actor and a musical sensation in vocals ,his art portrays the level of consciousness he has taught himself over the years.

Born into the world of music and art were his entire family played in a brass band.
His father Sipho Ndlovu is a Euphonium and Tuba player,his three uncle’s play the trumpet
horn and euphonium in the National Ceremonial Guard (NCG) band,a well known and respected band in South Africa.
What most people dont know is that Theo McRiddle is a guitar player and a creative writer,his hobbies includes,sketching,sexual art and reading
He is his own influence in everything he does.

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