Emmanuel Jal Biography – Age, Profile, Country, Family

Born on 1 January, 1980 is Emmanuel Jal. He is a South Sudanese-Canadian Artist, Actor, former child soldier, and Political activist. He became an activist due to his foundation origin. He was very small when the Second Sudanese Civil War broke out in a Nuer family in the village of Tonj, Warrap State in the Bahr el Ghazal region of Sudan (now South Sudan). 
Along the way however, many of the children, including Jal, were recruited by the SPLA and taken to military training camps in the bush in Etwas disguised as a school in front of international aid agencies and UN representatives, but behind closed doors the children were been trained on how to fight. 
Faught as child soldier for several year after which he was adopted by a wife to a senior officer, smuggled him to Kenya. There Emmanuel attended school in Brookhouse International School in Nairobi. While studying in Kenya, Jal started singing to ease the pain of what he had experienced. He also became very active in the community, raising money for local street children and refugees.
Among other places he performed at the Live 8 Concert in Cornwall in the summer of 2005. He was awarded a 2005 American Gospel Music Award for best international artist.

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Looking into his work in area of activism, Emmanuel is a spokesman for the Make Poverty History campaign, the Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers and the Control Arms campaign. In 2008, Jal also got involved in the musical movement of spreading awareness about Current Slavery and Human Trafficking by performing various songs for the Rockumentary, Call+Response.

Today Emmanuel sells and entertains multitudes with emotional and talent filled songs.