Cas G Biography | Zambia

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Cas G was born and raised in kabwe town, He is a talented songwriter.  He ascended from a group called “Vamu Blood” embarked on his musical voyage in 2005.  Many may remember him on his previous hit song “Chamene Chinalenga a reply to Nalu’s original “Wakumbali – mai wanga”. In 2010 Cas-G launched the album Nipatali (which gave birth to the foundation called Nipatali).  Cas-G is a big artist and yet people long to know the image/Brand behind the Chamene Chinalenga, Bwafya Napanga and Lonely.  Therefore,  2nice Media-Yapa Zambia is working on building the artist’s image as a brand and create events that will attract both local and international market. Cas-G has collaborated with known artists namely JK, B1, Exile, Choklet, Tok Cido, Oga family and recently with Chester. As a song-writer he has worked with Ozzy, by writing the hit song “Chino Chalo and Nimusanga.

Cas G have worked with a number of big artist and is set to release the NIPATALI album. He released the Nipatali 16 track album on 19 December 2015 loaded with hits, fans and every1 should enjoy the album.