Dean Balabis Biography – Age, Country, Wiki, Profile

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Dean Balabis is an IFBB pro physique competitor and sponsored athlete from the USA. He has severally competed for the international series of fitness representing and sponsored by the USA at various levels and stages.
Before coming into fitness career, Dean was fully in the aspect of CrossFit during which he noticed that CrosssFit was having negative effect on his physique thus decided to divert his effort and attention towards more lucrative and conventional career as a weight lifter. He gradually developed full interest in weight lifting and has currently become a professional weight lifter and physique competitor.
Some of his trophies are; 2014-IFBB Sacramento Pro(1st Position), 2014-NPC USA Championship (1st), 2015-IFBB Sacramento Pro (3rd) just to mention but a few.
His two favorite exercises are bench stretch and cable flye which systematically workout his chest through these push and pull exercises.
Looking at Balabis‘ food and nutrition pattern, he eats more of Turkey, Chicken, and Vegetables which helps in building his muscles and boosts his immune system.