Nam Eun Cho Biography – Country, Wiki, Awards

Nam Eun Cho is a professional korean bodybuilder, he competes in the open bodybuilding division, highly international. He has his nick name as “The Korean Tank”Nam dominates the bodybuilding stages across Korea and beyond; taking part in international professional contests like Toronto Pro, New York Pro, and IFBB Vancouver Pro every year.
Eun is highly on the go as he show so much enthusiasm about his training as well as maintaining his physique through his diet and routine body building exercises.
Cho has on awards and professional portfolio the followings; Toronto Pro, Bodybuilding; IFBB 212 (2nd), New York Pro, Bodybuilding: IFBB 212 (2nd) Bodybuilding: IFBB 212, (13th), Vancouver Pro, Bodybuilding: IFBB Pro 212 (2nd).