Paul Huh Biography – Age, Wiki, Profile, Country

Paul Huh was born on 25 August, 1984 in Seoul, South Korea. He then moved to the United States where he and his family settled in Sarasota, Florida. He is america professional bodybuilder, he is at the very progressive trend in th career of fitness and heavy weight lifting as fans patronizes both physically and online.
Paul is a gifted artist since in his youth, so much so that his mother encouraged him to continue on this path for a number of years with music and other forms of art, before he finally entered his professional training stage in bodybuilding, he worked for four years as a chef in a restaurant until a faithful day when he attended a weight lifting class during summer, then he saw the beauty of modeling and that was how this young man swapped his dreamed art career for bodybuilding and modeling, today he is of international level and attract much more fans as never before.

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