Sahar Ghoreishi Biography – Age, Husband, Movies and TV Shows

Sahar Ghoreishi is an Iranian actress and model popularly known for her role as “Yalda” in Delnavazan TV Show. She was born on December 24, 1987 in Tehran. She started her acting career in 2009 by performing a role in a TV show called “Laj-o-Laj Bazi (English Translation: Pertinacity)” Directed by Sayyed Mahdi Borgheyi in 2009
She starred in the movie, Begozarid Mitra Bekhabad (Let Mitra sleep) as Arash Sanjabi, As-O-Pas (Frivolous) as Arash Moayerian, Eshqulans (Love Emergency Center), Kargar-e Sade Niaz Mandim (Laborer Wanted), Atish Bazi (Fireworks), Anche Mardan Darbareye Zanan Nemidanand (What Men Do not Know About Women) and a host others.
She also made several appearances in TV Series such as; Narmak, Tehran Pars (Name of a place in Tehran), Hale Man Khoub Ast (I feel Good), Sisili Ha (It’s a Name) and a host others.