Vitaliano Biography | Zambian artist | Vitalis Vitaliano Nwenya

Vitalis Vitaliano Nwenya was born on 19 March 1987, is an African singer, songwritter and producer signed to HTM entertainment. vitalo first found himself working with the “salaka brothers” as sound engineer and toured with the band after the band after the release of their last album “born in matero” and at the end of the tour he decided to finaly finish and release his debut album love letters of the reggae man by vitaliano on itune vitaliano is also a producer whos worked with som manyzambian artists such as moses and lovy sakala, yona nwaanza of the robin stars and the burning youth just to name but a few.

vitalis mwenya jr was born at kasama general hospital in the northern providence of zambia, he is the fourth child in a family of five whos parents are vatalis mwenya snr(father) and emelda pikiti(mother). he later went to attend AIA college (Audio institute of america) were he obtained a diploma in sound engineeering before he decided to devout his life to music, he worked for several companies as it specialist untill 2009 whn he gave up his job for the love of music. from childhood he has been music driven and this was made evident when he played a guiter and sung at church gathering of capacity of 2000 people at the tender age of 10year but he was not given a platform to enrich his musical skills because his parents like many others did not believe in music as a means of livelihood, he only got stat his music journey after high school in a room behind his fathers house which he used as studio.

as mentioned above vitaliano is a sound engineer by profession and has done sounds for many bands and organizations such as the opening of italian hospital by the zambian republic president Rupiah banda who graced the event. He is the executive and founder of HTM(hearts touched by muisc) entertainment and has worked on several adverts for banks such as finace bank, stanbick bank and investrust just to name a few. HTM entertainmentis growing brand and has four signed artists beign, Vitaliano, choklet, yung yung and yung trup.