Amin Elkach Biography – Wiki, Country, Profile, Height, Weight

Last Updated on September 8, 2018 by mybiohub

Amin Elkach is a Moroccan fitness model and personal trainer who lives and works in Germany. His passion lies in helping others with his training, nutrition, and supplementation advice, as well as publishing online posts to motivate people to start working on their goals. However, Amin wasn’t always a prime example of fitness. Growing up, he was underweight and slim.
One day, Elkach woke up and realized he didn’t like the person that he was. He decided to embark on his fitness journey with no prior knowledge, aiming to get big and ripped. Eventually, he achieved his goals, and much more – he has turned into a Moroccan fitness star with fans following him from the world over.
Amin is weighing about 111kg and has a height of 190cm with good physique in area of fitness, he is fun of Bench Press, Pull-ups, Cable Fly, Dumbbell and others which keeps his physique blended.

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