Brandon Schram Biography – Wiki, Profile, Country

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Brandon Schram is an Americn born and raised celebrity coach, fitness model, and motivational speaker. He began his fitness journey at the age of 21, after years of making poor lifestyle choices, such as binge drinking alcohol, and eating unhealthy foods. Brandon’s initial goal was to become healthier, as well as to sculpt a strong and fit physique.
As his physique progresses, Brandon realized fitness didn’t just impact the way he looked, it also improved other areas of his life, such as confidence and relationships with people. Because of this, he became inspired to share his knowledge with others to help them achieve their own fitness transformation.
What started as a simple interest in helping others, eventually turned into a ‘full-blown’ career for him. He has since gone on to become one of the best coaches, motivational speakers, and fitness influencer from Los Angeles.
Scgram currently measures in body mass 79.4kg and 170cm in height, he  is going and climbing smoothly to higher ground in endeavors.