Derek Lunsford Biography – Age, Wiki, Country, Profile

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Derek Lunsford, also known as MrUsa2017. He was born in 1993 and established passion for fitness at an early age. Ever since he was a young boy, he thrived in a competitive environment – making a name for himself as a formidable wrestler and soccer player throughout his time in high school. Derek’s fitness journey took a different direction upon leaving high school. During his time at college, wrestling wasn’t a sport that was on the agenda where Derek studied. Despite this, he was determined to continue his desire for an active lifestyle. It was at this point, he discovered weight training.
At first, Lunsford failed to make progress, but that all changed when he met his personal trainer James Brown, who began to guide him on the right path. Shortly after this, Derek came across bodybuilding icons such as Jay Cutler and Phil Heath. Inspired by their incredible physiques, Derek was determined to build one of his own – just like his idols. He currently weighs about 93kg and has a height of 167.5cm.
Due to his strength and determination, he has earned success on the bodybuilding stage – building a phenomenal physique in the process. By 2017, he reached his peak – earning his IFBB Pro Card in the NPC USA Championships – offering him the chance to reach new heights in his bodybuilding career.