Dylan Mckenna Biography – Age, Country, Wiki,

Dylan McKenna was born on 15 March, 1998. He is weighs about 83.2kg and has height of about 172.5cm. Dylan is an American-born fitness model and online coach. Initially, he became interested in bodybuilding to improve his performance in high school sports. After noticing improvements in his physique from lifting weights, Dylan’s mindset completely changed. He went on to leave high school sports to fully dedicate himself to bodybuilding.
He built a strong and ripped physique this makes people around him to admire the steady progress in his body building. This in turn, motivated Dylan to share his turn around story with as many people as possible, he does this by uploading his progress pictures on the internet.
On YouTube, he has earned 70,000 subscribers. He has also accrued more than 160,000 followers on Instagram. He has been a workout partner of Ryan Casey and David Laid.
Dylan has over the time grown in success and recognition making more fans both in persons and online. He remains dedicated to his pursuit, being “to help people feel confident about themselves, and learn that they can still have a life while also looking great, and being strong as an ox.