Pasquale Brocco Biography – Age, Height, Weight, Wiki, Profile

Pasquale Brocco was born in 1985, weighs about 129.3kg body mass and has height of  about 203cm. He is a bodybuilder and sponsored athlete from Arizona, USA. From weighing a hefty 600 lbs, to losing over half of his body weight, Pasquale was able to achieve remarkable success in his weight loss journey. As a result, he acquired the nickname ‘PossiblePat’ – a reminder of his strength and determination to completely turn his life around.
Throughout his time in high school, he was always the biggest kid. Because of this, he began to suffer from bullying – having a negative effect on his self-confidence. But one day, matters were made far worse. Pasquale hit rock bottom – his weight gain spiraled out of control, and he was well on his way to an early death.
However, Brocco soon realized that he was doing himself no good. From then on, he was determined to make a change. As a result, he became an internet sensation, aiming to inspire others to follow his life’s message.
After putting in several months of hard work training in the gym, Pasquale was eventually able to lose over half of his body weight. This was an incredible achievement for Pasquale, proving to himself and others that he was capable of making a change in his life.
Eventually, Brocco began sharing his story with others online. As a result, he became an internet sensation because of the transformation that he had made. After achieving great things in his weight loss journey, Pasquale now hopes to inspire others to achieve things they never thought they could

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