Shaun Clarida Bio – Age, Country, Wiki

Shaun Clarida was born on 5 September, 1982. He measures 83.9kg body weight and 157.5cm height. He is an American bodybuilder hailing from New Jersey. Hhe was able to achieve remarkable success on the bodybuilding stage, earning IFBB professional status in 2012. As a result, he acquired the nickname ‘The Giant Killer’ – a reminder of his ability to emerge victorious ahead of athletes that towered over him.
He started his fitness journey throughout high school, he took part in competitive sports ranging from wrestling to basketball – fulfilling his desire for an adventurous lifestyle. In the process, he brushed off negative comments from those who doubted his abilities. Soon enough, he became an inspiration across the world, renowned for his strength and determination.
Looking into his achievements; Kuwait Pro: 3rd place in the 212 division, IFBB Dallas Europa Pro: 1st place in the 212 division, IFBB New York Pro: 2nd place in the 212 division.

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