Ace Daniels Biography – Wiki, Profile, Country, Occupation, Album

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Ace Daniels was born on 16 November, 1998 in kampala. He is an actor, film and music director from Uganda. He is from Luwero but grew up in kampala were he was born. he has been into music directing For almost 7 years. Ace Daniels hit the lime light after he shot Jim Nola’s first video “Mandwa”
Daniels studied Art/Craft in school after his college studies, moved to Tanzania where he joined a group of guys who were already in filming, joined them and started working together. So, in 2012, he went to Cameroon and worked with a TV station for 5 months then traveled back home. Before making Crane Art Films. He worked with several NGOs and some few Government Institutes like Health in Rwanda, Scout Nation where and made his Scout magazine, its updated every year.
later in 2014, he thought of having a brand “Crane Art Films” that’s when it started, he became the founder and C.E.O. at 16 years of age. Film making and MVs has been his great passion since childhood. After “Mandwa” was launched he found himself doing more work til today.
Ace shot Levixone “tompitako”, he shot lil Joe Jehovah Jaireh, and some other artists. He shoots some reality shows, TV comercials and lots of stuff for Non & Private organizations.
Daniels has worked with several celebrities among whom are; NCA New Chapter Africa, Levixone, Coopy Bly, Lil Joe He is aspired by John Terlesky (Directed the brave tv series) and has Mukisa elisa and Skills on the beat as his mentors.
Came to popularity through “Mandwa by Jim Nola Mc” Best Ug HipHop videoa
He is online and social media through Facebook as Ace Daniels, on Instagram as Daniels.Ace
on Youtube as Ace Daniels crane art films, on Linkedin as Ace Daniels CA Films
iMDb: Director Ace Daniels and email with